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Automotive shock absorbers

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Automotive shock absorbers

Are you looking for custom dampers, passive, semi active or active? Soben certainly has a solution for you !


Soben has the expertise needed to develop in custom shock absorber for any type of vehicle.

Soben offers you dampers for each of the different development phases of your vehicle:


Do you face unsolvable suspension issues?

Soben has a number of hydraulic innovative technologies (5 patents).

Our R&D center research an appropriate technology for you.


Our advantages

Soben is your partner in any car related development; from the specifications to the full on road integration and from the dampers to the air suspension system as a whole.


Types of dampers proposed by Soben

The dampers offered by Soben are adapted to each vehicle and can be manufactured both as a prototype or in small series (from 100 to 10 000 pieces)

Externally adjustable dampers: 1 to 5 settings available on the damper to independently adjust the high and low rates of compression and rebound, and also the hydraulic bump stop. These dampers are especially recommended for the first phases of the vehicle’s development because they offer a big time gain and a unique precision focus. We recommend them as well in series for sports cars and supercars.

Coil over dampers: the pre load adjustment of the spring allows the adjustment of the body height of the vehicle. This option is necessary when developing a new car when its real weight is not yet know. These dampers are recommended in series for sports cars.

Shock air springs:  aside from the weight factor the air springs allow:

Semi active Dampers: this type of damper automatically adjusts the performance of the damper in function of the road conditions or the driving behavior. Soben proposes complete solutions with an ECU and a network of sensors. We also offer the development of strategies to control/ command.

Passive dampers: These dampers are factory set according to the specifications set during the development phase. They may be openable (for restoration or modification of the damping laws) or set (definitely closed). All Soben technologies can be applied on this kind of dampers.


Shock absorber

Coil over

Soben Technologies

Soben has developed numerous innovative technologies to improve performance, comfort and reliability in automotive suspension.

Hydraulic stop for compression and rebound: this second damper is integrated in the main damper provides a supplementary force at the end of the stroke for better control of the shocks and the rebounds. This force is proportional to the speed of the shaft but also to the position of the extremes. The more the damper approaches its extremes, the more the force is increased. Our hydraulic technology (patent of Soben) brings a significant advantage because unlike the rubber or PU stoppers, our hydraulic stoppers dissipate the energy. Thus, there is no impact of return. In addition, the double dependency on speed and position gives us an auto-adaptive system. This results in lower damping laws around the static point in order to gain in traction and comfort. These stoppers can be installed in series in Soben dampers or in the dampers of our conpetitors.

Energy recovery dampers: Our intelligent integrated damper system (patent of Soben) recovers a part of the kinetic energy of the suspension travel and transforms it in electricity. This electricity (direct current) supplies power to the local low consumption sensors or actuators.


2 ways damper

4 ways damper


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