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Shock absorbers for the industry and hobbies

If you are looking for the development of suspension system outside the standards, then Soben certainly has a solution for you.



Soben proposes suspension systems developed specifically for industrial applications.

Particularly we have:


Soben also proposes structures and concept development for custom made dampers, sould your needs not be covered by our standard line


Do you face unsolvable suspension issues?

Soben has a number of hydraulic innovative technologies (5 patents).

Our R&D center research an appropriate technology for you.

Our advantages

Soben is fully integrated in suspension systems manufacturing. Allowing us to adapt them exactly to your needs in terms of size or efforts.


Description of the suspension types proposed by Soben

The dampers proposed by Soben are specifically developed for each application in function of the masse to be absorbed, the ambient temperature and the stressing frequency.

High power rotational dampers: these dampers are generaly used on cable cars in ski stations. They are multi-turn and prevent the cab from pivoting when departing or arriving and from strong winds. The rotational dampers of Soben are adjustable and their use can be compensated. Finally they are reconditionnables by simply changing the part that generates the damping, while maintaining the structure of the damper and its arm. The temperature range of their use is - 50°C to + 60°C. The nominal torque of the damper can be factory fixed between 30 et 200 N.m

Linear dampers of high power: these dampers are capable to stop many hundreds of tons in less than 500mm of damping course. The dissipated energy is phenomenal (tens of millions of Joules). We have implemented this type of dampers in big industrial plants for security reasons. The technology that is used is the one that was developed by Soben for landing gear with integrated hydraulic bump stop on the suspension’s entire strocke.

Miniature linear dampers: These very small dampers have a stroke that is less than 20mm and weight less than 40g. They generate efforts up to 500N and can be equipped with one or two external adjustments. They are curently used for minor industrial applications and for hobbies.

Common points in all these suspension systems:

The external structure of the dampers is totally configurable so that your system can be integrated. We offer:

The damping laws, the temperature range, the stress level (continuous or of security), the tolerated decelerations, the dampers environment, and many other parameters are taken into account for the dimensioning of our shock absorber. Soben has already developed dampers for extreme temperature environments, salt levels, heat flux… We are able to offer you robust, reliable, and economic solutions.

Soben can intervene when the damping problems appear, but also for unconventional hydraulic and pneumatic control issues. We are able to offer the complete package of study, installation of suspension systems and small series production if necessary.

Do not hesitate to consult with your needs and specifications.

Rotational damper

Maxi damper

Mini damper


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