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Military shock absorbers

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Military suspensions

If you are looking for a robust, custom made suspension, then Soben has a solution for you


Soben provides suspensions specifically developed for military vehicles constraints.








Do you face unsolvable suspension issues?

Soben has a number of hydraulic innovative technologies (5 patents).

Our R&D center research an appropriate technology for you.

Our advantages

Soben is your partner in any car related development; from the specifications to the full on road integration and from the dampers to the air suspension system as a whole.

Description of the suspension types proposed by Soben

All suspensions offered by Soben are specifically developed for each vehicle in function of its weight, its architecture …

High power shock absorbers: these dampers are designed to absorb several tons. The choice of materials, sealing systems and technologies are selected. Soben’s military dampers have integrated double hydraulic stops, for compression and rebound. Large diameter pistons (up to 200mm) operate with a high performance oil that allows its use in very high temperatures (>200°C). These dampers are openable so as to allow further developments and maintenance in long operational conditions thanks to their ability of being restored.

Air Suspensions: in addition to the spiral springs, Soben proposes pneumatic springs that are concentric to the dampers. This spring technology allows height adjustment of the vehicle, so that it adapts to any road condition and driving style. It also possible the active anti roll performance as well as a compensation of the natural tilt of the road.

Double coil over per wheel: this type of structure diminishes the diameter of the dampers and dissipates energy higher than a single damper of large diameter. The dampers are carrying springs, are easy to install on any vehicle. The combined thread option can be used to adapt the ride height during the development stage or while on the road according to the existing terrain.

Shock absorbers

Soben Technologies

Soben has developed a series of technologies specific to off road vehicles.

Suspensions of enhanced traction: this technology promotes a better contact of the wheel with the ground by differentiating the damping law of the expansion in function of the wheel load. By optimizing the effort of the air spring with the ground and by promoting contact with the ground, our suspension provides greater traction to the vehicle.

Long hydraulic bump stopper: in order to improve the traction on rough terrain, Soben has developed long hydraulic bump stoppers that dissipate tremendous quantity of energy during compression but during expansion as well. As, the suspensions use the stops both directions, so the rubber bumpers, that are harmful to the vehicle dynamics, can be eliminated.

All the technologies developed for the automotive can be adapted to military vehicles (see Automotive page), in particular:



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