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Test bench

<< S o b e n >>

Testing equipment of Soben

Soben has in its possession significant means of testing for the finalizing and the quality testing of the dampers

Damper test bench

There are many characterization benches at Soben


Possible measurement :


Dampers Endurance

Soben offers techniques for endurance testing



Drop test machine

Soben performs the evaluation of the landing gears with the use of a drop test machine




Soben is also operates at the Pôle Mécanique d'Alès Cévennes

You can benefit from our complete services. We offer leasing of test circuits with the presence of a professional pilot, in order to develop the traction of the vehicle.


Village artisanal de Regourd - 46 000 Cahors

RCS de Nïmes 481 885 374 00043 (head office at Alès) et 481 885 374 00035 (plant + engineering at Cahors)

Tel/Fax : + 33 (0)5 65 35 61 22 - -

Contact : Benjamin Talon - Président - +33 (0)6 64 13 75 47 - benjamin.talon(@)

The above testing means represent only some of the testing available at Soben. We are able to perform all possible tests demanded by car and aerospace manufacturers, for the development of suspension and landing systems.