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Soben, the specialist in innovative shock absorbers

Soben proposes custom dampers solutions for

- Automotive

- Military vehicles

- Aerospace

- Industrial Applications

The power of Soben is in its complete integration:  

Soben’s research engineers of Soben have innovative solutions for your dampers or anti-vibration systems.

Soben is also a leader in dampers for racing cars.

For more information, please visit our specific website:

Soben offers:


  1. Passive dampers, possibly adjustable from the outside
  2. Semi active dampers and control system
  3. Dampers with pneumatic springs for dynamic leveling control


Soben offers the same level of expertise as in automotive, for the military vehicles with additional constraints on the weight and off-road.

Soben provide:

Soben design and develop:

Soben carries out design, sizing, calculus justification, and safety analysis for the production of prototype and the qualification of dampers. We also provide support on the test phases of mass production series.

Soben has developed a multi-turn frictional damper for the heavy applications. This damper can be used in a wide range of temperatures, starting from - 60°C.

Soben can recommend a custom rotary damper be adapted to both your needs in size and torque.


Village artisanal de Regourd - 46 000 Cahors

RCS de Nïmes 481 885 374 00043 (head office at Alès) et 481 885 374 00035 (plant + engineering at Cahors)

Tel/Fax : + 33 (0)5 65 35 61 22 - -

Contact : Benjamin Talon - Président - +33 (0)6 64 13 75 47 - benjamin.talon(@)


Your partner for innovative shock absorbers


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